Riding airbag vest Hit Air Airflex

Riding airbag vest Hit Air Airflex
Starting at: $576.95
Protect yourself with the all-new Hit Air Airflex airbag vest, for safe and comfortable riding.
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Starting at: $576.95
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Riding airbag vest Hit Air Airflex

CE-certified airbag, NF S72-800 2022 standard

The Airflex (VH) airbag vest is the latest addition to the
Hit-Air airbag vest range.
Discreet and ergonomic, the Airflex vest offers
comprehensive protection for the spine - with
our famous cervical collar - as well as the thorax and
abdomen. With its stretchy, micro-perforated fabric, the
gilet Airflex offers unfailing ventilation and freedom of movement
The Airflex gilet is always worn as the last layer!
Like the rest of the range, the Airflex
vest features shock-absorbing pads at the front and
at the rear, reinforced with high-density foam for
enhanced impact protection. The housing has been
optimized to improve the diffusion speed of
gas into the membrane. The optimum pressure level is
thus reached in ¼ of a second, enabling
impact energy absorption 8 to 10 times greater than the
normative requirements.
The tensile force required for proper operation
of the airbag vest is 25kg minimum for all
sizes, from S to L.
It is sold ready-to-use with a cartridge and an all-in-one

Matching cartridges:

  • S= 50CC

  • M= 50CC

  • L= 60CC

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Color Black
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