riding safety stirrups LeMieux Vector Contrôle

riding safety stirrups LeMieux Vector Contrôle



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The LeMieux Vector Contrôle stirrups are light and technical, ensuring stability and comfort with their ergonomic platform and hardened steel pins, for safe riding.

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riding safety stirrups LeMieux Vector Contrôle
The LeMieux Vector calipers are a new generation of calipers - technically advanced and lightweight, but retaining the classic styling expected from LeMieux
Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, they offer an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making them lighter than most calipers on the market at only 419g each, without compromising stability.
The ergonomic footplate of the Balance stirrup is set at 5 degrees with a transverse grip surface and mounted on a layer of dynamic polymer shock absorbing cushioning with a 70% compression ratio. Impact and vibration are absorbed at point landing during the jump, reducing knee and ankle fatigue and reducing stress on leg muscles and tendons. Integrated hardened steel pins provide maximum boot security.
The footrest is supported by a double-balanced arch system that distributes weight evenly across the base of the stirrup frame. The top of the frame is recessed and offset, promoting a 45 ¼ outward orientation, making it easier for the rider to locate the optimal foot angle and find a lost stirrup.
An integrated articulating arm features a two-stage release system, preventing unintentional opening. The spring arm locks into the base of the main frame, which means that when under maximum pressure, such as landing on a fence, the rider's weight is evenly distributed on the stirrup, preventing the outside from falling off and bending. When pressure is applied to the stirrup arm, the arm releases, allowing the foot to come out of the stirrup and preventing it from binding. The breakaway force of the SlingBar arm = 36 N (equivalent to 3.62 kg) in testing, which means that it is strong enough to prevent it from opening unintentionally, but releases when needed.

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