Dressage mat for horses L'Evoine Alpaka

Dressage mat for horses L'Evoine Alpaka
Optimize your horse's performance with the Schabracke L'Evoine Alpaka, combining comfort, balanced pressure and riding precision.

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Dressage mat for horses L'Evoine Alpaka

The L'Evoine alpaca fleece saddle cloth combines maximum comfort and pressure distribution for the horse with sensitive action of the rider's weight aids. This saddle cloth combines the best features of purely natural cotton saddle cloths and lambskin saddle cloths, while offering the unique advantages of alpaca fleece as a saddle pad:

  • Excellent padding: the finely crimped alpaca fleece under the shabrack provides premium padding between saddle and horse. It ensures even pressure distribution, reduces direct contact between skin and saddle and minimizes the risk of rubbing. Despite this, the rider sits close to the movement and can act sensitively with weight aids.
  • Breathability: alpaca fleece is renowned for its excellent breathability. It allows air to circulate efficiently and prevents the horse from sweating excessively under the saddle. The horse's coat remains pleasantly cool and dry during dressage work, even during intensive training. Inflamed sebaceous glands will subside completely over the course of several weeks.
  • Temperature regulation: alpaca wool has natural temperature-regulating properties. Wool keeps you warm when it's cold, so that your back muscles are pleasantly warmed up when walking at a brisk pace before training. Used in summer when the temperature is over 30 degrees, it prevents heat stagnation and allows heat to circulate and have a cooling effect. This shabrack can thus ensure optimum comfort all year round.
  • Softness and fit: alpaca fleece is incredibly soft and pleasant to the horse's skin. It offers a luxurious feel and increases the horse's comfort during training. As no leather is used (the wool is woven into a fleece), the saddle wears much less than a lambskin saddle. As a result, the perfectly fitting saddle continues to rest perfectly on the horse's back, without being too tight.
  • Durability: L'Evoine alpaca fleece saddles are durable and hard-wearing. It can be machine-washed and is naturally anti-bacterial, so it doesn't need to be washed too often.

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Brand L'Evoine
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Color Black
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