Riding airbag vest Hit Air Complet MLV3-H

Riding airbag vest Hit Air Complet MLV3-H
Starting at: $625.30
Optimum safety on horseback with the Hit-Air MLV3-H airbag vest: complete protection for spine and thorax.

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Starting at: $625.30
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Riding airbag vest Hit Air Complet MLV3-H

The Hit-Air COMPLETE airbag riding vest provides optimum protection for the rider in the event of a fall from a horse: Ideal for all equestrian disciplines, the Hit-Air MLV3-H airbag vest offers comprehensive protection for the spine, from the cervical spine to the sacrum and coccyx. It also protects the thorax and abdomen.


The MLV3-H airbag vest represents the latest evolution in the Complet range. The tensile force required to operate the airbag vest is 25kg minimum for all sizes, from XS to L.

The new MLV3-H airbag vest features shock-absorbing front and rear cushions reinforced with high-density foam for enhanced impact protection. The housing has been optimized to improve gas diffusion speed through the membrane. The optimum pressure level is thus reached in 1⁄4 of a second; it enables impact energy absorption 9 to 10 times greater than normative requirements. New gussets: increase the volume of protection at chest level

  • Nylon 500D
  • Polyester mesh

Please note : This vest does not have a Velcro back panel like the Complet II model. However, it is possible to add side protectors to maximize rib protection, as well as a removable back protector to protect the back in the event of impact.


The Hit-Air COMPLET airbag vest complies with regulations governing personal protective equipment (PPE) governed by the French Sports Code. As such, this vest is CE marked by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, in compliance with European regulation 89/686/EEC. CE-certified airbag, in compliance with NF S72-800 2022 standard.


This airbag vest can only be worn over clothing: a summer t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a winter down jacket... It can be adjusted according to the season and your layer thickness. However, we don't recommend wearing several layers of clothing underneath your airbag vest. You can adjust it with our set Hit-air extension buckle, gaining up to 15 cm in comfort!


The vest comes with a CO2 gas cartridge, a cocking key and its all-in-one strap. Gas cartridges must be used with care and stored at temperatures below 40°. It is imperative to buy only approved Hit-Air brand cartridges, and to change them after each firing!


The CO2 cartridge must be screwed firmly and fully into the case. Once in place, do not attempt to unscrew or remove it.

Both ends of the saddle strap should be attached to the saddle knives, before the stirrup leathers. Next, the connecting strap should be attached to the saddle girth, via its specially designed carabiner. Finally, the ball-connector assembly must be attached to the connecting strap. It's the ball that unhooks in the event of a fall, triggering inflation of the vest by opening the cartridge.


Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Brush the vest with a slightly dampened stiff bristle brush, then air-dry on a hanger.

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